Heartburn contrary to the name has nothing to do with the heart. It is called heartburn due to the symptoms associated with it that include pain near the heart and the breast bone. Heartburn occurs when the stomach muscles can’t keep the acid produced in the stomach. The acid, therefore, goes up the esophagus causing a burning feeling. Although there are over the counter medications that may work, using natural homemade remedies works best with no complications.

Common homemade remedies of heartburn

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Lemon juice is a really good option for people suffering from heartburn. Organic lemon juice is an acid that has a pH of 2. However, it turns to an alkaline when mixed with water making it effective in reducing the acidic reflux. One has to take two or more glasses to eliminate heartburn. This may be tough given that lemon juice may taste nasty. You can use sweeteners to improve the taste. Remember to use an organic lemon fruit that is fresh for the best results.

Betaine HCL

The main component of stomach acid is an acid known as Hydrochloric acid (HCL). It is produced in the stomach walls when one is eating. There are some other factors like stress, aging, nutrient deficiency and infections that can make the stomach stop making enough HCl, which causes reflux. Taking Betaine HCL, for such cases, is one of the best remedies to help cure heartburn. It best works when taken daily in regular potions that will help the stomach work properly. But one needs to seek advice from a medical practitioner first before taking it as some people may be affected by the HCL

Apple cedar vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural acid that has a pH of around 5. Therefore, it helps lower the stomach’s pH improving digestion and also lower the pressure of the stomach. The stomach’s pH should be around 1-2 to enhance digestion of food and prevent food from fermenting. The remedy behind vinegar is adding two spoonfuls of the vinegar and adding a ¼ glass of water then taking it 1- 5 times until the heartburn reduces.

Baking soda

This is the most commonly used home remedies for many common problems. Being a base, it is the fastest relive for heartburn as it quickly neutralizes the acids found in the stomach. It is not toxic and can be ingested without worry of complications. The remedy is made by adding two teaspoons of baking soda to a ¼ glass of water and drinking it.